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Promotional Pens, Pencils,
Highlighters & Pen Sets

For years Canadian businesses, corporate event planners and organizations of all kinds have utilized promotional pens quite successfully as part of their PR, advertising and marketing efforts.

Today there are literally thousands of different Canadian Promotional products available on the market to help get your branding and marketing message out to your clients and patrons.

Despite this fact, Canadian promotional pens are still some of the most popular promotional items for branding your logo and marketing your message throughout Canada. Whether you have a business in Toronto Ontario, a coroprate office in Vancouver BC or a satellite office in St John’s Newfoundland, we can help.

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Cheap Promotional Pens

Types of Promotional Pens We Carry

Whether looking for cheap ballpoint pens, Bic promotional pens, plastic promo pens, crayons, gel pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils or multi-functional promotional pens, Canadian businesses can find the inexpensive promotional pen products they need at My Next Promo.

In the category of cheap promotional pens you’ll find the following pen and pencil products;

Promo Pens Under $1

Promo Pens Under $2


Bic Promo Pens

Plastic Promo Pens

Metal Promo Pens

Promo Crayons

Lanyard Promo Pens

Environmentally Friendly Promo Pens

Mechanical Pencils

Promo Pen & Pencil Sets

Worldsavings Pens


Take a look at our online promotional products catalogue to find more unique trade show pen giveaways and cheap promotional pen products.

For instance, in the pens under $5 category you can find ecologist pen and pencil sets, the memory flash jotter holder with elastic pen loop, aluminum twist pens, Cullen click promo pen products, Ace ballpoint promo pens and Glamour push-action promotional pens.

Promotional Highlighters and Markers

My Next Promo carries a wide variety of persuasive marketing and promotional pen products including promotional highlighters, carabiner highlighters and the promo pen and highlighter combination sets. Other profile raising promotional pen ideas include:


Lighted Promo Pens

USB Promo Pens

Laser Pointer Promo Pens

Recycled Pens and Pencils

Higher End Promotional Pens

thumbnailOur selection of high end promotional pens over $5 includes the Elite rollerball promo pen, the Balmain Courbe twist pen with gift box and the Sonic ballpoint promo pen.

We also carry executive promo pens and gift sets such as sonic ballpoint promo pens, metal pens/stylus with light and laser pointer and melody two-tone, chrome trimmed metal pens. Ask us about laser engraving these high quality Canadian promotional pens. Call us toll free at 1-800-782-9959.

Other complimentary discount promotional business products we carry include business portfolios, journals, notebooks, binders, clipboards, presentation folders, calculators, desk accessory products and briefcases.

Find Out More About Cheap Promotional Pens in Canada

Custom Canadian promotional pens make ideal corporate gifts and promotional giveaways. No matter where you are in Canada, whether it’s Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver or St John’s Newfoundland, be sure to talk to us if you need cheap promotional pens or good quality high-end executive promotional pens as trade show PR giveaways or to market your brand or message.

Visit our online promotional products catalogue to view all our cheap promotional pens, promo pencils and promo highlighter products or to learn more about our available promotional pen products:

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Or preview our more promotional pens in our online promotional items catalogue.


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