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Canadian Promotional Pens
& Gift Giveaways

Our online customers for promotional products come from all over Canada. We've shipped promotional pen giveaways to businesses across this great country of ours from St John's Newfoundland right to Vancouver BC.

Whether you have a corporate office is in Calgary, a trade show in Winnipeg, a conference in Toronto or a political event in Ottawa, if you need promotional pen giveaways in Canada, My Next Promo can help.

When you need inexpensive promotional pens or any other kind of Canadian promotional product giveaways with your company logo or message on it, My Next Promo is here to service you.

We offer a fantastic selection of inexpensive promotional pen giveaways plus cheap promotional pencils, promotional highlighters, USB pens, and dozens of different trade show giveaway items.

Promotional Pen Giveaways with Company Logo

Inexpensive promotional pens have been around for a very long time and today your choices are better than ever!

You'll find an exhaustive selection of cheap promotional pen products here at My Next Promo, from inexpensive promotional pen giveaways that are 55% biodegradable to budget brand name products like bic pen giveaways including Bic Tri-Sider, Bic Round Stic, Bic Clic Stic, Bic WideBody message pens and Bic's Round Stic Ecolutions.

Other inexpensive promotional pen giveaway items include waffle grip pens, click action ballpoint pens and cheap promotional pen giveaways by Blossom, Trapeze, Cullen, Sripto and Helix to name a few.

Depending on your budget you can buy promotional pen products in everything from cheap plastic pen giveaways to affordable higher end metal pens, plus everything in between including:

Ballpoint Pens

Roller Ball Pens

Inexpensive Promotional Pens

Bic Pens

Plastic Pens

Metal Pens

Gel Pens

Novelty Pens

Eco Friendly Pens

Multi Functional Pens


Unique Promotional Pen Giveaways

Whether you are planning an event, a conference, a corporate convention or a trade show, or you simply need inexpensive promotional pen giveaways to promote your business or organization, here are some unique and affordable promotional pen ideas.

Why not treat your patrons and clients to a promotional pen product that includes your company logo or message, yet is innovative and practical at the same time. Here are some of today’s favoured inexpensive promotional pen giveaways including carabiner pen giveaways and lanyard pen giveaways plus:

Laser Point Pens

Pen Lights

Unique Promo Pen Giveaways

USB Pens

Notebook & Pen Combos

Pen & Item Sets

Writing Instrument Set

World Saving Pens

Rotating Message Pens

Cheap Promotional Giveaway Pencils

When looking through our catalogue of inexpensive promotional pen giveaways be sure to check out our selection of affordable mechanical pencils and pen and pencil sets. Other promotional pencil products that we carry that you might want to consider include;

Mechanical Pencils

Eco Friendly Pencils

Pencil Cases

Cheap Promotional Giveaway Pencils


Highlighters & Other Writing Instrument Giveaways

Along with inexpensive promotional pens and pencils you will find a selection of other writing related promotional product giveaways including promotional journals and notebooks, promotional business giveaways and promotional stationary products plus these fine promotional products;


Pen & Highlighter Combos

Highlighters & Other Writing Instrument Giveaways



Ask Us About Cheap Promotional Pen Giveaways in Canada

Today there is some very good quality yet inexpensive promotional pen giveaways on the market that any company or organization would be proud to have their logo or message imprinted on.

Let us help you choose the best promotional pen products for your needs. Email promotional pen giveaways in Canada.

Or call us Toll Free at 1-800-782-9959 to learn more about cheap promotional pen and pencil products for use as trade show promotional pen giveaways.

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