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A Message from David Bossence

As My Next Promo (MNP) has grown over the last 14 or so years it has been interesting to see the evolution of the industry. No longer is it just a 'trinkets and trash' business. The diversification of promotional products has become incredible due to manufacturing and printing innovations.

The reason for choosing promotional products remains a constant though. It is hard to argue that there is a better method to get your message out. The Return On Investment (ROI) is unmatched by any other form of advertising out there. It comes down to this - if you can put your brand on a product that has perceived value, then your product will continue to work for you for months or years.

This is why our core products fundamentally do not change. The way we write, drink or carry hasn't changed for decades (which is why our top categories are imprinted writing instruments, drinkware and tote bags). The same can be said for our screenprinted and embroidered clothing. The material, design and colours may change, but they are 'classics' for a reason.

Our industry has completely embraced technology. On a product level we have many customers choosing our USB drives and computer accessories, but the real revolution has been on the web. MNP has gone from a local distributor to a company selling promo products across Canada and beyond.

Being able to sell far and wide has gone hand in hand with the globalization of the industry as well. This means that non-Canadian companies are selling their wares into Canada more than ever before and there are some big players trying to 'Canadianize' their message. Unfortunately adding a '.ca' to a web site does not mean that there won't be any border crossing issues/ charges or high shipping costs out of the opposite end of the continent. We have often heard from customers who have tried a US competitor because of a cheaper unit price only to find mystery charges on their final invoice making things ultimately more expensive.

That is why MNP wants everyone to know that we are a truly Canadian company. We choose Canadian supplied promotional product whenever it makes the best sense and if it does come from outside our border we include any cross-border costs. Furthermore - greater than 95% of our web products have a ship point from within Canada, so your shipping costs will be less.

My Next Promo is Canada's largest independent promotional product web site. We don't pay to have our logo atop an industry site (we hand-pick every item on our site). We are not a multi-national conglomerate, but we are large enough to offer very competitive pricing. We have been in this industry a long time and know the products that work and their value. I am also proud of my staff as they are good people that care about their customers and want a positive end result - they will look after you well.

If I could leave you with one suggestion: You are Canadian... so buy from a Canadian company that prides itself on a strong commitment to customer service.

Best Regards


David Bossence
President of My Next Promo

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