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March 24, 2017 // 2:13 PM

Canada 150 Co-Branded products are now available!

This is a special year and as we get further into it the anticipation is growing. Many Canada 150 related events are planned in the coming months and it is a perfect opportunity to make your next promotion extra special!

Shortly you will be seeing our web site dotted with hundreds of items available with the Canada 150 logo showing the ability to co-Brand. For now, while we are working on this, it would be best to call.

To be clear- our suppliers and manufacturers have recieved official licensing from the Canadian Governent to use this special logo. There are special considerations that need to be met to properly use the logo it would best to talk with one of our customer service representatives.

June 15, 2016 // 1:37 PM

Back To School... in June ?!

Here we are half-way through June and our supplier's are already sending us off info on new Back To School promotional products. That just doesn't seem right... but they know it is a busy time of year and customers are llooing. I wanted to mention that in the nearly 20 years My Next Promo has been operating we have done business with scads of educational organzizations.

We are your smart choice for bags, technology, drinkware and so many more items that feed this bustling time of year for promotion. Every item we offer includes at least a 1 colour imprint and more and more these days other exciting print optiosn are available (full colour printing, debossing, embroidery, doming, etc.). 

My Next Promo is your truly Canadian promo company (most of the 'big guys' are not BTW). The vast majority of our quality products ship from Toronto or Montreal. This nets you a quicker delivery and better shipping costs (not to mention not having to worry about border 'mystery charges'.

Looking forward to working with you (again)!

January 15, 2016 // 1:19 PM

A favourite we want you to know about

What if I told you that there was a product that was around $2 and less, offered with a full colour relatively large imprint, almost universally used by everyone and ships quickly from St. Catherines, ON? Sounds good, right?

Then what if I said you could print in full colour on both the front and back and even have an optional business card, coupon, product announcement or invitation easily detach from it as a second stage promotion?

We strongly suggest these for your next open house, trade show, conference or promotion: Gum or Mint Packs


Everybody loves to have fresh breath... give it some though and take advantage of our sale prices today!

January 13, 2016 // 11:17 AM

Truly Canadian?

Did you know that 4 of the 5 largest online promotional product suppliers aren’t Canadian owned. Don’t let the 'Canada’ tacked onto the name fool you (or '.CA’). These are all US based and their products are much more US-centric. This could mean a myriad of not-so-apparent costs but more importantly it does very little for the Canadian economy. With the dollar being what it is you are going to be hearing more and more about business needing to take a more nationalistic approach to their business habits as it is better for all Canadian business.

My Next Promo is a TRUE Canadian company. We are just north of Guelph, ON and most of our promotional products ship from Toronto or Montreal. As part of changes for the new year we are concentrating on Canadian supplied products even more.
Take an extra moment to consider your source for your next promotional project. For 19 years My Next Promo has been helping businesses across Canada get their message out. Check our testimonials for some kind words about our service.
We look forward to working with you!

January 13, 2016 // 10:32 AM

My Next Promo- Version 3.0

The new year brings My Next Promo 3.0

-Every new promo product added will be on sale/ discounted
-As we update supplier pricing for 2016 those products will be updated with sale/ discounted pricing.
-We will Price Match any product found on our site against any other Canadian competitor's advertised price.*
You know MNP’s service is excellent and now, considering our new hyper-competitive mandate, there is no reason why we can’t be your go-to source for promotional products. There are 350+ products already on sale and that is increasing by the day. We are small enough to still care, hungrier then ever before and ready to make your next marketing project another success.
Support a true Canadian company and save more money then ever before!

September 17, 2015 // 1:23 PM

Promotional Products and the 2015 Fall Trade Show & Conference Season

We are nicely clear of summer and now business is back in full swing. Conference and Trade Show season is picking up steam and promotional products are always needed at these type of events to make people remeber you and get your message out. My Next Promo wanted to advise on a few things that you may have not known

1) While we have ourt favorite suppliers, usually in the Toronto or Montreal areas, we do have great soruces for certain promotional products on the East and West Coasts. Perhaps more importantly we have easy options for shipping promo products to events in the US. Many of our suppliers have sister companies or are headquarted in the US and shipping your promos to any place in the United States is a breeze.

2) My Pext Promo has all the necessities covered: Custom imprinted Tote Bags, Lanyards, Pens, Notebooks, Wristbands, Edibles and more are all ready and easy to order with your logo and message.

3) As a matter of fact we have grouped an umber of promotional product trade show items into one handy area to start you with ideas! They can be seen here. Of course this is the tip of the iceberg as we have tons of options that may be perfect for your Brand through out our site.

4) Lastly, we have set up a perfect brainstorm area for giveaway promotional products. There are things here that you may have never considered in the past (but perhaps you should). Check here!

We always try to remind new and old customers that we are Truly Canadian and we source Canadian supplied product whenever we can. But- sometimes that isn't what is needed and we can help with USA venue supplies as well. 

Call us today for your next promotional project!

July 28, 2015 // 10:09 PM

Twitter-iffic !

My Next Promo is tweeting away about all sorts of promotional products available to our Canadian customers. Check us out on Twitter at @MNPcanada 

Find out about new products and deals ... and even get a deal by following us!

June 23, 2015 // 4:49 PM

It's summer time... and the perfect time for promotional products!

They say that the 'J' months are pretty poor in terms of corporate purchasing. I put it to you that the summer J's are a great time to kep your message and Brand in your customer's mind. It is tough to beat being on someone's mind (or in front of someone's eyes) when they are relaxing during their time off or at you summer event. Before long things will be ramping back up and you'll have the inside track.

We have just added some great new some promo ideas! Have a look here!

February 12, 2015 // 11:37 AM

The '$0.12' Promo Pen...

Today I am writing about the illusive wild animal known as the '$0.12 promo pen'... to expand this out you can pick the super cheap price you want to insert there. The reality is that we see our competition offering this ('or LESS!!!') but this is really doing everyone but 1% of the buyers a disservice.

Let's be honest about this number... what sort of crappy pen do you get for that price AND how many truckloads do you need to buy AND how long do you have to wait for it AND what is the cost to get it to your door?

For illustrative purposes... here is a link to our pens under $1 and sorted for lowest per unit costs to highest. We have over 100 promo pens in this category right now. Our least expensive promo pens is our stick pen and that is in the $0.20 range. That is imprinted, working and supplied from within Canada. There are of course uses for this type of pen and budget but for most buyers this doesn't do anything to properly represent your Brand. Sure- we can also say that we can sell these to you for '$0.12'... but you need to buy million or so.

We are all smart enough to know the '$0.12' pen is an attention grabber... most people appreciate why our competition does this. Inexpensive promo pens are a highly searched phrase. Unfortunately when you bite at that carrot it always leads to disappointment. Our competition: 'Only need 1000 pens... well that price is now actually $0.30 ea.! But we already have you on our site so perhaps you will buy something a more expensive.' I'll even admit that the industry way of pricing things online with ' low as {X]' is still even a bit grey (we follow that trend on our site as well).

The key point though is you are likely not the 1% that can get that number and even if you are... why would you want that cheap pen that has your Branding on it? Wouldn't it be better to have a promotional pen that works and isn't thrown in the bin 5 minutes after it is given?

Take a look at these inexpensive pens that we offer.. they all have click action (no stick pens with lids to loose) and come in a nice selection of colours... check out our Budget Champ Pen, Pelican Pen and 'Go To' Value Pen. Aren't those nice... and shipped direct to your door from within Canada, without border 'mystery charges' and WORKING! 

The funny/sad thing is that you can switch out the '$0.12 pen' with '$0.69 tote bag'... '$1 mug'... etc.

And don't even get me started about how that super low unit price jumps up once you try to bring this into Canada from one of our US based competitors! 

The upshot is this... don't fall for that low, low, low price- it is a waste of your time. My Next Promo offers you hand selected products, from quality suppliers and manufacturers and they ship to you from within Canada for a fair and easy to understand price.

February 5, 2015 // 7:40 PM

What makes My Next Promo your best source for promotional products in Canada

In the 18 years that My Next Promo has been helping Canadian customers with their marketing product needs there has been a lot of changes in the industry. Formerly a rigid sales person based industry the world has transition to buying from the web and MNP has been there from almost the beginning.

Wondering what makes us different from the rest of the promotional products industry? Here we go:

1) All of our items are hand-picked from only the best suppliers and manufacturers offering value in both product and service. Any industry sales person can get their name atop a generic industry site but who wants to have to choose from 20 different suppliers offering the same product? We weed it all out and stick with only the strongest and most popular items in the industry to add to our site.

2) We know that most of the other major players out there are US based and at most add a '.CA' to a web site to look more Canadian. The problem with that is that while their low price may seem quite low it doesn't take into account the 'mystery charges' at the border. That low price that looks so attractive could also need to be dollar converted and have duty and brokerage charges added. There is also a good chance that the suppliers are our of the Southern US so that esaclates shipping. We see it all the time when we are asked to match a price... that shiny unit price escalates to a point where it is no longer competitive.

3) The vast majority of all our promo products ship out of Toronto or Montreal so that means your shipping costs will be low. We do have other suppliers dotted around Canada so if we see an opportunity to offer a better solution we will let you know. If we are offering a product that ships out of the US we include all of the border charges other then the raw shipping costs.

4) We have a large selection of Canadian Made promotional products. Let's be honest- in today's world many items simply aren't. However, we do search them out and can even show you many union made items.

5) We are super friendly and knowledgable... 'Big enough to compete, small enought to care' is the old saying and that sums it up for MNP. See our dozens of testimonials here.

There are a number of options out there but few match up to the benefits offered by My Next Promo. We look forward to showing you how good we are and help you with all of your maketing needs.

January 15, 2015 // 2:40 PM

Do you like LEGO?

We have a new line of desktop products that are pretty fun. 

There are lots of great vibrant colours and you can BUILD wit hthem or stick the different products together. it is frsh and adds a bit of whimsy ... perhaps this is what your next marketing prject needs.

Check out these great peices of our 'LOGO-BLOX' collection!

January 12, 2015 // 1:32 PM

Trade Show Promotional Products

As we blow past Christmas next in line is Trade Show season. My Next Promo has a lots of great promotional trade show related items that will fit any budget.

Our top sellers include promo tote bags, lanyards, badge holders, pens and other custom imprinted items under $1. We even have promotional table covers and edibles (like candies, mints and chocolates).

Look for ideas for your next conference or tradeshow? Have a look at TOP 100 promotional items, Newest, Neatest, Hottest and of course all of our ON SALE promo items.

And if you can't make up your mind please give MNP a call and we'll help talk it through and offer some suggestions and best price!

January 7, 2015 // 10:36 AM

Power Up Your TECH!

Want to know the hottest category for promotional products in Canada right now? Powering products like custom imprinted power banks, USB car charges and charging tools (think connection plugs).

Time and again we have heard tales of how a user didn't really see the value in a power bank ... until they had an emergency need for it. That's when these shine. Some intensive users of iPhones and Android phones wear a battery down quickly. Our promo power banks help save the day when the user is on the go go go!

January 6, 2015 // 10:56 AM

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING on a wide variety of promo pens

Canada is a big place. Our country goes from highly urbanized to highly remote... and that has been the largets stumbling block for offering free shipping for this type of industry.

However- thanks to our partnering with our best pen supplier we were able to work out FREE SHIPPING on a large variety of our promotional pens!

Check the great selection promotional pens with FREE SHIPPING here!

December 10, 2014 // 1:40 PM

Promotional USB Drives are at a record low price right now....

My Next Promo has a ton of custom imprinted USB Drives available. While our custom imprinted swivel drive (we call it the Lynx) is by far the most popular we offer a great variety of different forms. Check out our promotional credit card style USB, wooden USB, USB Pens, USB writbands, USB Lanyards and more... we even have completely custom USB drives (they take a little longer but the WOW factor is incredible). 

My Next Promo has some of the best promotional usb pricing in Canada- we are super competitive. Have a look at our selection and contact us with your order!

December 10, 2014 // 1:31 PM

This is neat!

This seems like a throw back to the 90's for some reason but these custom imprinted ERASABLE Semi-Gel Pens are kinda fun. Offered in 4 body colours (you can get a mix of colours as long as the imprint colour doesn't chnage BTW) and come with a really large imprint area for whatever your promotional Branding info is needed.

Contact us for a sample today. BTW- we truly encourage promotional product samples in order for our customers to be happy with what they are going to be ordering. You can see our promotional sample ordering page and policies here.

December 10, 2014 // 1:25 PM

One of the hottest things going right now...

This promotional product right here is likely the best value in the industry today. 

It is a promotional Adhesive Note Pad (think 'sticky note') that is offered with full colour, edge to edge printing of whatever your promotional heart desires.

I always tell people that although they may look at is as a little boring the marketing muscle is incredible. It offers a large imprint area, in full colour and 25 sheets that will spread your message far and wide... and likely hang around for a long time. 

These adhesive note pads are on sale only unti lthe end of 2014 and as you can see by the huge savings offer incredible value.

December 4, 2014 // 10:50 AM

You are Canadian - so buy your promotional products in Canada!

My Next Promo has been helping Canadian customers since 1997. Our customer often ask us what are top selling products on and currently our top 5 categories would be promotional tote bags, pens, drinkware, tech items and business folios/notebooks.

Depending on the time of year though things change a bit as winter usually brings the need for custom imprint tradeshow items and inexpensive giveaways, and health related promo items. Spring brings custom embroidered jackets, embroidered hats and fun outdoor items. Summer usually sees lots of promotional sport water bottles, and tons of custom imprinted t-shirts. Lastly Fall brings the search for cozier Branded clothing and Holiday Gifts (we have a great section that breaks promotional gift giving options down by budget). At MNP we try to stay on top of these changes by offering our best selling promotional products on sale when they are needed most.

The thing is though that even if the above items are the most popular promo products that doesn't mean it is the right solution for you. That is why we are here to help with suggestions and knowledge to make your next marketing project a success!

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